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About the Vascular Expert

About the Vascular Expert

Your time is valuable. BlueDop makes the most of it.

Everything about BlueDop is designed with the busy healthcare professional in mind. If you already use Doppler based ABI assessments, you already have the skills you need to get started.

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What you get with BlueDop.

BlueDop Medical and our proprietary Vascular Expert software gives health care providers useful, actionable information. Our Vascular Expert system provides an ABI and a Doppler waveform, which is a physiologic response to blood flow. But BlueDop Medical takes it even further by giving you insight into the patient's vascular health. 

The BlueDop kit includes a battery-powered tablet computer, the lightweight BlueDop Egg containing a bi-directional Doppler probe, and a charging base for the BlueDop Egg.

Better efficiency. Better accuracy. BlueDop. Schedule a demo today and see the future of ABI testing and vascular assessment.

Get BlueDop today.

For questions, email info@bluedopmedical.co.uk


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