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Unwrapping your new kit

The BlueDop Vascular Expert system will arrive bundled and ready to go with limited set-up or installation required. Your clinic safety team will want to carry out their tests on the system before you can start clinical testing.

Setup and Use

The BlueDop Vascular Expert is pre-loaded on the tablet. Simply power on the tablet and BlueDop egg. After you verify pairing of the egg to the software, it’s ready to go. Check out our video on how to use the BlueDop Vascular Expert. 

The measurement sequence

Get familiar with the system by trying it out on yourself and colleagues. The video below shows the measurement sequence from start to finish. At day’s end, find a safe area to store the kit so it can be recharged overnight ready for use the next day.


HubSpot Video


How does a healthcare provider make use of vascular reserve?

As a patient's vascular reserve approaches 50% or less, ischemia is present and if not corrected, tissue loss is likely to occur.  When vascular reserve is greater than 50%, there is reasonable tissue perfusion for ambulation and to promote wound healing.  This is the kind of actionable information that BlueDop Medical provides to healthcare professionals so they can take better care for their most challenging patients including those who are diabetic or have renal failure.


What is perfusion pressure and mean blood pressure?

BlueDop Medical’s waveform to blood pressure technology looks at mean blood pressure in the limb.  We know that a mean pressure of less than 40mm Hg correlates with poor wound healing.   By providing a mean blood pressure or perfusion pressure, BlueDop displays actionable information that the healthcare provider can use when determining a treatment plan for their most challenging diabetic and renal failure patients.


What is different about how BlueDop calculates ABI?

BlueDop Medical’s proprietary algorithm calculates the ABI using the mean blood pressure rather than traditional systolic BP.   This means the hydrostatic pressure does not influence the ABI measurement as these measurements may be taken in a chair or seated position.  This technology eliminates the need for resting 15 minutes before measurement or taking measurements in the supine position. 

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