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Below, you will find the product overview for the system and replacement components. Not all features are available in all markets. Please contact our sales team with any questions. 

Email: info@bluedopmedical.co.uk

Complete System - including VAT - Contact for Pricing

The BlueDop Vascular Expert system includes:

  • BlueDop probe
  • Tablet computer pre-loaded with BlueDop software
  • Charging base for BlueDop probe

Replacement Components – not inclusive of VAT - Contact for Pricing

  • BlueDop Probe
  • Tablet and protective case
  • Charging base


Global Registrations

EU-CE 66635                Australia - ARTG 384706

The BlueDop Vascular Expert system is available in select markets.

All features may not be available in all markets.  For questions, email info@bluedopmedical.co.uk


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