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Cuff Free ABI

Cuff Free ABI

No more cuffs. Better accuracy.

Once you take the arm blood pressure using a conventional cuff, you'll acquire lower limb reading using BlueDop's "pressure from flow" algorithm. 

Cuff-free readings differ from conventional ABI readings in that it is the ratio between mean ankle and arm blood pressure. Its maximum value is 1.0. Values between 1.0 and 0.8 are consistent with PAD free limbs. Between 0.79 and 0.50 is consistent with claudication. And values between 0.49 and 0.0 are consistent with Critical Limb Ischaemia (CLI).

BlueDop gives you perfusion pressure.

Perfusion pressure in the foot has been correlated with the likelihood of wound healing. Pressure greater then 60mm Hg is associated with high degrees of healing while perfusion pressures of less then 40mm Hg is not compatible with wound healing and pressures of less then 30mm Hg is associated with spontaneous wound development.

BlueDop shows vascular reserve.

BlueDop's vascular reserve is a direct look at how much or how little of the current blood flow is potentially available for tissue perfusion.  For example, a Vascular Reserve of 95% means that about only 5% of the blood flow is needed to perfuse the tissue.  As one exercises, and the muscles of the leg need more blood flow the patient’s vascular reserve will go down.  In a clinical situation when the blood flow to a limb is compromised and the muscles are ischemic, the capillary beds vasodilate to provide the ischemic limb with every bit of blood flow it can to prevent tissue necrosis. The vascular reserve is of great value in this situation to inform the healthcare provider of tissue perfusion. 

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The BlueDop Vascular Expert is available in select markets. All features may not be available in all markets.  For questions, email info@bluedopmedical.co.uk


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