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How It Works



The BlueDop Wireless Doppler Probe does more than your traditional vascular probe. The Probe pairs with a tablet.  Through a mathematical analysis of the transmitted Doppler Waveform, the BlueDop Vascular Expert will deliver actionable information to the clinician including a mean ABI (ABIm) and perfusion pressure. This information will then aid the clinician in the next steps for the patient’s care. 

Combined with an integrated visual triaging algorithm, you’ll be able to easily determine limb preservation. A reading of green (0.8-1 ABPIm) means there is no significant disease to impact flow. Yellow (0.5-0.8 ABPIm) indicates that there is a moderate level of disease within the artery wall that has been detected.  A reading with a red (<0.5 ABPIm) marker indicates that there is sufficient disease that requires further investigation. With the BlueDop simple approach, even non-specialized healthcare assistants can be trained to perform the BlueDop vascular assessment with ease.


Please note that the BlueDop Vascular Expert is available only in select markets, and all features may not be available in all markets.

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